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David B. Robertson

Over 40 years of expertise.

Guiding both individuals and schools on a path to real excellence.

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"David is a real leader in the world of independent schools, not only provincially, but nationally."

Hugh Burke - Headmaster, Meadowridge School

“Thank you Mr. Robertson for helping shape so many students over your illustrious career.”

Dana Gibson - '98 Groves

“One of the most striking aspects of DBR's leadership is his unapologetically high expectations.”

Jack Connolly - '01 Lakes - Pro. Musician/Teacher

You'll be in good company.

Some of the world's best schools have had the benefit of David's skills.

Who is DBR?

A Powerhouse in Education


25 years of leadership

at Shawnigan Lake School.
"Every success that you will have hinges on the productive and meaningful relationship. That happens to be my strength: inspiring and maintaining great relationships. It’s about active listening, high EQ, reaching and motivating. No two individuals are the same and every situation is different so I need to bring my best to every challenge. Blessed with a significant dose of ‘common sense’, I see every problem as an opportunity."
- David B. Robertson
Raised for Shawnigan Fundraising Program over 18 years
5 years
as Chair of the Canadian Boarding Collective (CBC)
of the Independent Schools of British Columbia for five years

Three Stages


The Possibilities

Identifying the possibilities is what forty years of experience has taught me to do.


The Path

It’s one thing to know where we want to go, but the real art is in figuring out how to get there.


The Desired Future

I can help you create the culture that will bring out the best in everyone.
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Descent of Decent.

March 20, 2020
David B. Robertson

Trust and Truth.

March 13, 2020
David B. Robertson

A Cup of Kindness.

January 25, 2020
David B. Robertson